This method, also used in roulette and based on statistics and mathematical probabilities, is based on the following principle: when a series of events have the same results, the chances in favor of a different result will be greater at the next stroke. For a regular casino player, it is quite normal to want to find techniques and strategies to make the games of Gambling more lucrative. The so-called blackjack martingale method is, therefore, very simple to use. It is a question of starting the game by betting a unit and always doubling this unit in the event of loss, until victory. The player, therefore, continues to double the amount wagered during the first hand until he succeeds in winning and recovering his initial wagers, plus one unit.

So that you understand this method as well as possible, we have chosen to illustrate it with a concrete example. You start the blackjack game by betting $ 5; you lose the hand, so you double the next hit, which therefore makes a bet of $ 10, then $ 20, then $ 40, then $ 80. You win the next hand. You have therefore won $ 80 and lost $ 75 (total amount wagered since the start of the game). This gives you a total gain of $ 5.

How Reliable Is A Blackjack Martingale?

Even if a blackjack martingale may seem effective, it is easy to understand its limits by analyzing it more closely. This strategy is based on the fact that your bankroll is unlimited. Indeed, it is not because a series of events presents the same results that the results will be different thereafter. So, what would you do in the event that the losing streak continues until you have used up all your money?

And yes, a dealer or a player can very well win all hands during a game of blackjack, it all depends on the cards that will be drawn and dealt. In case of bad luck, you could simply lose astronomical sums.

How Do Casinos Counter Players Who Try To Use Marting Blackjack?

Unfortunately, martingale blackjack cannot work due to the betting limits imposed on blackjack tables. A player cannot, therefore, double his bet indefinitely. In addition, with this technique, a player can only win small amounts because by winning, he will recover all these previous bets with only one more unit.

On the other hand, there are some for whom the blackjack martingale is profitable: it is the casino. Indeed, this method gives the false illusion to the players to win and therefore pushes them to double their bets without asking more questions. Obviously, with this technique, casinos are always winners in the long term. If this were not the case, you can imagine that this method would have been illegal for a long time. When you start a new game of blackjack in a land-based or online casino, always keep this in mind: the more you play, the more you lose.

Is Blackjack Martingale 100% Reliable?

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